Welcome to Pam's Genealogy Pages. These pages represent the family genealogies compiled by Pam and Bradley, and include the following trees.


We are not professional genealogists and like many amateur genealogy pages on the web, this site is likely to contain errors. We strongly recommend treating it as a research hint, not using it directly as a source. If you do reference this site in a research hint, please note that all data is subject to change. In particular, please cite the root URL (http://genealogy.silverelk.net) and the individual's name, not the specific page's URL.


It is the policy of this site that we will suppress all information on any living (known or assumed) individual, other than some references to Bradley or Pamela. Certain other details stored in our data are also not included, even for deceased individuals. In some cases a name must be provided to avoid confusion so “{private}” is used in its place. However, mistakes happen. If you notice any living persons represented in these trees, please let us know.

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