Welcome to Pam's Genealogy Pages. These pages represent the genealogical data compiled by both Pam and Brad and concentrates on our families. Since the site is actually the combined results of two independent trees maintained by us, you may notice style differences between records. (See Tidbits: Our Databases.)

The trees on this site are mostly for our own interest, and that of our families. However, if you can find information here that helps you in your own genealogical pursuits, we could not hope for more and wish you luck in your own searches.


We are not professional genealogists, and (like many amateur genealogy pages on the web) this site is likely to contain errors. Over time, we hope to correct these errors. We also hope to fill in more about the lives of those who are listed.

Because Pam's Genealogy Pages are a secondary source for your own research, we recommend treating it as such, and using primary sources where you can. If you do reference this site, please use the root URI (http://genealogy.silverelk.net) as the address. The actual paths of any pages within that domain are subject to change.

Private Information

Most of the information about living persons has been suppressed for privacy reasons. If any information about deceased persons has been suppressed, or worse, information about living individual was not suppressed, it is an error and should be corrected in a future update. (Also see Tidbits: Privacy.)

Changes? Corrections?

If you have an changes or corrections to this information, please send a message to Pam and Brad, using the “Contact Us” link in the navigation bar on the left side of each page.

Database Changes

Input file A was generated on 20 Aug 2006. Input file B was generated on 11 Jul 2009. There are a total of 1984 individuals listed on this site.