Leslie Burson Emry


Born: 24 Mar 1880 in Canton, Fulton, Illinois

Died: 26 Jul 1933 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

Father: Cyrus Alms Emry (1846 – 1920)

Mother: Sarah Emma Burson (1857 – 1905)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Katherine (Kate) Twitchell (1882 – 1921)

Married: 25 Jan 1911 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri

Child: Leslie Burson Emry Jr (1911 – 1977)

Child: Edwin Cyrus Emry (1913 – 1992)

Child: David Twitchell Emry (1915 – 1986)

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: Nadine Pickett (1890 – 1949)

Married: 2 Feb 1924 in ?


Born in Canton Ill. His family move to Carthage Mo. Where he went to school.

He gradute from Carthatge High School in 1899. He was a engineer, although he

did not graduate. Leslie attended 3 1/2 years of college at Universary of Kansas in

Topeka Kansas.

1907 or 1908 he went to work for Missouri Texas Railroad. as track surveyor.

Then went to work for Union Pacific railroad. He help built a road that joined the

Missouri -Kanasa to the Union Pacific railroad. This took them to Washington

State. December 1910 he came back to Carthage MO. He married Kate Twitchell

January 25, 1911. Within the a month, He was back to Morton Washington. The

summer of 1911 Kate wrote him with the news of her pregancy. He came home.

He took her to Washington.

Leslie was a tall man of 6 feet 4 inches.

(Medical):He was cremeted and the ashes were scattered over Kate grave.

According to the records at the Cemetery. A marker was place in Emry's

family plot.

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County of Los Angeles, State of California, Death Cert. #33-038056
County of Los Angeles, State of California, Death Cert. #33-038056 [applies to death]