Edward K. Marks


Born: 12 Nov 1882 in ?

Died: 3 Mar 1963 in ?

Father: Michael Marks (1852 – 1941)

Mother: Lottie Schmetgall (1851 – 1924)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Emma Pauline Lemke (1883 – 1913)

Married: Abt 1905 in (unknown)

Child: (baby) Marks ( – )

Child: Arthur C. Marks (1905 – 1974)

Child: Edward Leopold "Jr." Marks (1907 – 1976)

Child: Harry Witham Marks (1908 – 2005)

Child: Ada Marks (1911 – 1974)

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: Hattie Maria "Mimmie" Swanson (1889 – 1973)

Married: 19 Oct 1914 in Fergus Falls, Otter Tail County, Minnesota, USA

Child: Clifford Leonard Marks (1916 – 1964)

Child: Pearl Eileen Marks (1918 – 1971)


Edward immigrated to the US about 1889, and he and his family probably lived in New York City (where family lore indicates Edward worked as a newsboy) before moving to Minnesota about Apr 1897.

In 1900, the families of Emma and her (not yet) husband Edward are listed as, literally, next-door neighbors. [1900 U.S. Census]

A certificate was issued 30 January 1950 (as an official copy?) for citizenship effective 25 July 1900. He had been naturalized by virtue of his father's naturalization, while Edward was still a minor. (This disagrees with the 1920 U.S. Census for his father, which indicates a naturalization year of 1901.)

He earned a living as a day laborer in 1905 when he was first married to Emma. However, he was a mail carrier in Minnesota from at least 1910 through 1918, though he may have also been farming at the time.

He and his wife Hattie also (owned?) and operated a small grocery store called "Mark's Market" in Fargo (Cass County, North Dakota), probably in the 1930's.

After moving from North Dakota to California, Edward worked in his son Clifford's bakery in Los Angeles, for about 25 years.

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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Family lore indicates that Edward was Jewish. I haven't found any evidence of this, and no personal artifacts that would suggest this to be the case.

Edward's date of birth is taken from his WWI draft registration card and is supported (more or less) by various other records. Alternately, his entry in the SSN Death Record (a transcribed copy) lists the date of birth as 16 Nov 1882, and family interview indicates 16 Mar 1883. On the 1900 census, it is given as Dec 1880. The 16 Mar date does have some support in the 1910 census (when his age was given as 28 in Apr) and the 1920 census (when his age was given as 37 in Jan).

His birthplace is unknown. He claims to be from Russia, Poland, or Germany on different records. This may have been at least partly from his parent's nationality claims (Russian or Russion/Polish father, German or German/Polish mother) rather than his own birth nationality. The 1905 Minnesota census also lists Edward and his parents as natives of Poland.

Family information is that he was born in Danzig. However, since Danzig was never in Russia, was a free city within Prussia's boundaries at the time he was born, and was not in Poland until after WWII, Danzig has some problems as his birthplace. Possibilities:

  • Danzig is correct, and he considered his own nationality to be a product of the ethnic heritage of his parents rather than his own birthplace. However, he could also claim a German nationality directly since Prussia was the dominant part of the German Empire at the time.
  • Danzig was just the embarkation point when he emigrated from Europe, and he didn't live there more than a short time.
  • He was from Alt Danzig or Neu Danzig, both of which are ethnic German areas in Russia, near the Black Sea. His presence near the Black Sea would explain the Russian/German ethnicity that he claimed.

Check "Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes" microfilms at FHC:

  • 1798397 Marx (Schriftum: Aachen - Coswig)
  • 1798398 Marx (Schriftum: Coswig - Zwickau)