Henry B. Johnson


Born: 13 Apr 1865 in Columbia County, Wisconsin, USA

Died: ? in (unknown)

Father: Borg Johnson (1828 – ?)

Mother: Ingeborg ? (1825 – 1923)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Caroline ? (1863 – ?)

Married: Abt 1893 in ?

Child: Oscar Johnson (c. 1903 – )

Child: Harold Johnson (c. 1905 – )

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: Betsie Peterson (c. 1882 – ?)

Married: Abt 1908 in ?

Child: (unknown) Johnson ( – ?)

Child: Louis B. Johnson (c. 1909 – )

Child: Evelyn Idella Johnson (1911 – 1991)

Child: Anna Mary Johnson (1912 – 1998)

Child: Raymond Burnett "Ray" Johnson (1915 – 1992)

Child: George O. Johnson (c. 1919 – )

Child: <private> Johnson


The 1910 U.S. Census gives his name as "Henery" an apparent misspelling. [1910 US Census]

In 1925, Henry and his three sons Oscar, Harold, and Louis, were living in Pleasant Prairie, Eddy County, ND. However no other family members are listed, which should have included the other children and Betsie. [1925 ND Census]

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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

The 1910 census implies this was a first marriage for Henry. [1910 US Census]

Family history says Henry was born 13 Apr 1865. The 1900 census agrees with Apr 1865, but gives no day, the 1910 census just gives about 1865. His son Raymond's birth certificate shows his age as 49 on 30 Oct 1915, for a birth date from 31 Oct 1865 to 30 Oct 1866. However, this is more likely to be an error than the census, as it was created almost 25 years after the fact. The (faulty?) 1865-1866 range does closely correlate with son Raymond's 1930 Certificate of Confirmation, which gives a birth date of 31 Oct 1916.

The certificate also provides a county (the other sources don't) but it indicates Columbus County, WI, which has never existed. Columbia is probably the correct name. An amateur on-line genealogy also suggests the town of Otsego on 13 Apr. (This record also indicates he died 15 Jan 1930 in Moorhead, Clay County, ND, and that his father was Baard Jensen Boe(?) and his mother was Ingeborg Olesdatter Ovrevold.)

There exists a Wisconsin State birth record for a Henry Johnson, born 2 Mar 1886 in Columbia County, which needs to be checked. (Reel 33, Record 2859, Wisconsin Vital Record Index, pre-1907)

There exist records for two land patents for a Henry B. Johnson in Eddy County, North Dakota. They are in the National Archives' North Dakota Land Patents Both were homestead patents in the 5th principal meridian, TWP 148N, RNG 065W. The first was granted 16 Nov 1893 for 160 acres (SEC 21, DOCID 7282). The second was granted 8 May 1896 for another 160 acres (SEC 22, DOCID 1309). Check with nara.gov for copies.

Based on the 1930 census, he may have died before 1930. Alternatively he and Betsie were either divorced or otherwise living apart, as Betsie was the head of the household in that census.

In support of the divorce, there is a 1930 census record in Edgerton, Rock County, WI, for a Henry Johnson (b. abt 1865 in WI, both parents from Norway) married to Cora Ann. Futher, his age at his first marriage was 28, which would correspond to this Henry's marriage to Caroline. However, there are too many Henry Johnsons to trust this, and another amateur genealogy has a different set of parents.