Abraham Clark III


Born: 14 Jun 1790 in Gloucester, Providence County, Rhode Island, USA

Died: 25 Apr 1864 in Evans Center, Erie County, New York, USA

Father: Abraham Clark Jr. (? – ?)

Mother: ?

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Alice Blackmar (1795 – 1853)

Married: 18 Feb 1816 in ?

Child: Lyman Clark (1816 – )

Child: Anna Clark (1819 – 1822)

Child: Emily Clark (1822 – 1838)

Child: Alanson Clark (1824 – )

Child: Hiram Clark (1826 – )

Child: Alban Clark (1829 – )

Child: William Clark (1831 – 1863)

Child: Susan Clark (1833 – 1834)

Child: Julia A. Clark (1836 – )

Child: Henry Clark (1839 – 1853)

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: Julia M. Wright (? – ?)

Married: 29 Apr 1854 in ?

Child: Julia Clayanna Clark (1855 – )


Abraham Jr. was the fifth in a family of ten children.

He resided in Gloucester until Nov 1818 when he moved to Concord, Niagara County, NY with his wife and child. They took up 100 acres of land, part of lot 14, range 8, township 7, in what is now North Collins. He later sold this claim and moved to lot 12, township 7, range 8, where he stayed until his wife died, shortly after which he deeded the farm to Lyman and Alanson.

After he married Julia, he moved to the east part of Concord, NY, but soon moved to Evans Center, Erie County, NY where he lived until his death.

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