Nicholas Newlin


Born: 1619 in ?

Died: May 1699 in Concord Township, Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania

Father: ?

Mother: ?

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth ? (? – 1717)

Married: ? in (unknown)

Child: Nathaniel Newlin (1665 – 1729)

Child: John Newlin ( – )

Child: Elizabeth Newlin ( – )

Child: Rachel Newlin ( – 1742)


Nicholas emigrated from Mount Melick (County Tyrone, Ireland) where he had lived for many years, though I don't know if he was born there. In Ireland, he was a prosperous farmer with large herds and flocks, and several servants. Continued persecutions based on his Quaker beliefs prompted his emigration from Ireland in the early part of 1683.

The Friends at Mountmellick Meeting signed a Certificate of Removal to Pennsylvania for him and his family to be removed, noting that he "walked honestly" but that they were unsatisfied with his reasons for leaving, believing he should have remained in Ireland.

On 17 Jul 1683 he left Dublin and immigrated to Chester County in the Province of Pennsylvania with his wife and several children on the ship Levee of Liverpool, James Kilner, master. On 7 Sep 1683 (7 mo 7, 1683) he gave evidence to the Provincial Council about Kilner's ill treatment of the sailors.

Some of his children appear to have remained in Ireland, but Nathaniel, John, and Rachel came with him and his wife, Elizabeth.

He had purchased 7000 acres in Pennsylvania, and was one of the founders of the Concord Meeting (Quaker).

He was appointed to the Provincial Council from 1685 to 1689, and sat as a justice of the courts of Chester County 1685-1691.

He had large estates in Concord and Birmingham, and built a mill in Concord.

Friends (Quaker) meetings were held at his house as early as 1687, and continued after his death in 1669.

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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

His name on the Certificate of Removal was Newland, but he and his family appear to have used Newlin almost exclusively. (From "The Newland (Newlon) Family.") However, another genealogy claims Newlin was only used in Pennsylvania, and that they used Newland in Ireland.

One genealogy indicates his name is likely to be derived from the town of Newlyn, County Cornwall, England, and that Nicholas was English by birth (but born in Ireland?) and born in 1630.

Also, "It is claimed by some of his descendants that he was an English gentleman of ancient family, and that he was descended from the De Newlandes, who were manor lords under the early Norman Kings of England." (From "History of Chester County, PA, with Genealogical and Biographical Sketches.")

This sentiment is also reflected in "The Newland (Newlon) Family." That document states, "Nicholas Newlin [who came to Philadelphia in 1683] is believed to have been of English descent, probably a descendent of the de Newland's who came to England with William the Conqueror."

Possible parents were Nicholas Newlin [Jr.] and Jane Hide (m. 4 Aug 1629).

Nicolas [Jr.] parents may have been Nicholas Newlin [Sr.] (bap. 1 Mar 1571/2, aka Nycholas Newlande) and Dorythe Gaskkyne, m. 27 Sep 1601.

Nicholas [Sr.] father may have been William Newlande (b. 1550, bur. 12 Apr 1593 in Fareham, Hampshire, England).

Need to check:

  • Will of Nicholas Newlin (decedent, not Nicholas the son or grandson). A copy may be obtained through city hall in Philadelphia. Dated 8 Feb 1699, proved 5 Jun 1699. (Book page A:446?) Son Nicholas is not listed yet, as this is the only reference.

Abstract of his will:

Newlin, Nicholas. Concord Township, Chester Co. Yeoman. 2/8/1699. A. 446. Wife Elizabeth; son Nathaniel Newlin; son Nicholas Newlin who had a son Nicholas. Legacies to daughter Elisabeth who seems to be living elsewhere; daughter Rachell; sons-in-law Ephraim Jackson and elsewhere; daughter Rachell; sons-in-law Ephraim Jackson and William Paggett. Estate to son Nathaniel who is sole Executor.