Nathaniel Newlin


Born: 1665 in Mountmelick, County Queens, Ireland

Died: May 1729 in Concord Township, Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania

Father: Nicholas Newlin (1619 – 1699)

Mother: Elizabeth ? (? – 1717)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Mary Mendenhall (? – ?)

Married: 17 Apr 1685 in ?

Child: Jemima Newlin (1685/86 – )

Child: Elizabeth Newlin (1687/88 – ?)

Child: Nicholas Newlin (1689 – )

Child: Nathaniel Newlin Jr. (1690/91 – 1731/32)

Child: John Newlin (1690/91 – 1753)

Child: Kezie Newlin (1695/96 – )

Child: Mary Newlin (1699 – )

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: Mary Fincher (? – 1730)

Married: 17 Apr 1729 in Concord Township, Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania


He emigrated from Ireland with his father in 1683. On the death of Nicholas in 1699, Nathaniel inherited the bulk of his father's lands and built the first grist mill there in 1704.

Nathaniel was a prominent member of the Friends (Quakers).

He also served as a member of the Provincial Assembly from 1698 to 1722, a commissioner of property, a justice of the county courts for various sessions from 1703 to 1726, and a trustee of the loan office of the province.

In 1724, he purchased a tract of 7100 acres on Brandywine Creek, an area afterwards known as Newlin Township (Chester County, Pennsylvania). The cost of this land to Nathaniel was £800.

As a side note, Newlin Township was the home of Josiah Harlan (1799-1871), and adventurer best known for traveling to Afghanistan and Punjab with the intent of being made king. He is believed to be the basis for Rudyard Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King."

When Nathaniel died intestate in 1729, he owned a "messuage" (a house with outbuildings and the land they occupy) and 500 acres in Concord, another messuage with 33 acres in Concord, 460 acres in Marlbourough, 250 acres in Londongrove, and about 6338 acres on the west branch of Brandywine.

It is generally believed that all families in Pennsylvania with the surname Newlin are descended from Nathaniel.

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"Immigration of Irish Quakers to Pennsylvania" gives a birth year of "about" 1660.