Richard Woodward


Born: ? in ?

Died: Bef 17 Nov 1752 in ?

Father: Richard Woodward (c. 1636 – 1706)

Mother: Jane ? (? – ?)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Esther Davis (? – ?)

Married: 1695 in Concord, Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: Deborah Stanfield (? – ?)

Married: 1701 in ?

Family #3

Spouse/Partner: Susanna Cureton (? – ?)

Married: ? in (unknown)

Family #4

Spouse/Partner: Martha ? (? – 1752)

Married: 30 Nov 1743 in ?


On 10 Dec 1698, he received 130 acres from his father in Thornbury Township (Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania) to which he added another 240 acres by purchase. This land included the house later known as the "Beehive" house. (See notes for his father.)

He was a member of the grand jury 27 Sep 1709 and was active in the Society of Friends.

In 1724 he sold the Thornbury land and purchased 1000 acres in what is now West Bradford Township, and became a member of Bradford Meeting. He was appointed elder 3 Jun 1727, and reappointed 19 May 1737.

Richard's will was dated 6th month, 30th (30 Aug) 1748 and proved 17 Nov 1752.

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Will - Transcribed (Richard Woodward)
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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

The "Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania" notes that Richard was born in 1695 in England. However, this is absurd and is probably a typo, given the other dates in the book. For instance, he was probably not married as an infant, and he probably wasn't a member of the grand jury when he was 14.

Another secondary source suggests he was born 1670, in Chester, Province of Pennsylvania. This is far more likely. The easy transposition of a number from the published history and this source suggests that 1675 might be the year.

That source also indicates that while most of the children were probably Deborah's, nothing explicit is provided. For now then, Richard's children were likely:

Esther (m. Christopher Wilson, then m. Thomas Wilson),
Sarah (m. Evan Jones),
Jane (m. Joseph Hayes),
William (m. Eliza Marshall, d. 1769)
Elizabeth (m. ?, then m. John Young)
Hannah (m. James Shortlidge, then m. Joseph Underwood)
Mary (m. George Entriken)
Grace (m. James Millison)
John (m. Sarah Barnard)
Richard (m. Abigail Hayes, his niece, and was disowned by the Bradford Monthly Meeting)
Deborah (mentioned in her father's will).