Geoffrey Sharples

(aka) Jeffrey Sharples


Born: ? in ?

Died: 15 Dec 1661 in ?

Father: Richard Sharples (c. 1555 – 1641)

Mother: Cicely ? (? – c. 1614)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Margret Ashley (? – 1643/44)

Married: Abt Apr 1611 in ?

Child: Richard Sharples (? – ?)

Child: Ellen Sharples (? – ?)

Child: Margery Sharples (1618 – 1670)

Child: (unnamed) Sharples (c. 1620/21 – 1620/21)

Child: John Sharples (? – 1685)

Child: Mary Sharples (? – 1703)

Child: Rebecca Sharples (? – 1703)


Geoffrey and Margret were married "under a license" dated 27 Apr 1611, obtained from the Bishop of Chester. At this time, being married under a license was considerably more difficult and expensive than a marriage by bann. A bann was simply the public announcement of a pending marriage, allowing anyone to challenge it.

Although initially associated with the Church of England, the last such record of Geoffrey (or any member of this branch of the Sharples family) in the Wybunbury parish registers was in 1644, for the death of Margret.

His death was recorded in Friends records.

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Genealogy of the Sharpless family
by Gilbert Cope; Philadelphia, 1887. [applies to name, alias, death, marriage, notes]