Elizabeth Hinton


Born: ? in Ohio, USA

Died: ? in (unknown)

Father: Thomas Hinton Sr. (? – 1828)

Mother: Sarah Bryant (1768 – 1859)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Andrew Spear (1806 – 1887)

Married: 14 May 1829 in Belmont County, Ohio, USA

Child: Silvester Spear (c. 1833 – )

Child: Joseph Spear (c. 1836 – )

Child: Sarah Spear (c. 1837 – )

Child: Tabitha Spear (c. 1840 – )


Elizabeth and her sister Sarah married brothers Andrew and Joseph


An 80-year old woman named Ann Howell (b. Pennsylvania) was living with Andrew and Elizabeth in 1850. [1850 U.S. Census]

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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by Michael Engelmann; [applies to name, notes]
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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Elizabeth's age is indistinct in the 1850 U.S. Census. The second digit is a 3, but the first digit is undecipherable and looks as though two digits were written. It may be 3 (making her 33 and only 13 when she married Andrew and 17 when Silvester was born -- unlikely though not impossible), or *maybe* 5 (making her 53). It does not look like a 4, which would make her about the same age as Andrew and would otherwise be the most likely situation.