William Bartram


Born: ? in ?

Died: 1711 in Province of Carolina

Father: John Bartram (? – ?)

Mother: ?

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Elizah ? (? – 1701)

Married: ? in (unknown)

Child: John Bartram (1698/99 – 1777)

Child: James Bartram (1701 – )

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: ?

Married: Aft 1701 in (unknown)

Child: William Bartram Jr. ( – )

Child: Elizabeth Bartram ( – )


William was a member of the Darby Meeting of the Society of Friends, but was disowned in 1708. It is not known what caused this event, though it may have influenced William's decision to move to the northern part of the Province of Carolina (the area now known as North Carolina) with his second wife and children, leaving the children of his first wife at home with their grandmother.

In 1711, in Carolina, William was killed by natives. His wife and children were abducted and later ransomed and returned to Philadelphia.

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