Wing Rogers


Born: 14 Jun 1740 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Province of Massachusetts Bay

Died: Aft 1800 in ?

Father: John Rogers (1714 – 1791)

Mother: Sarah Wing (1708/09 – 1790)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Deliverence Chapman (1736 – 1766)

Married: 4 Apr 1764 in ?

Child: Deliverence Rogers (1766 – 1849)

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: Mercy Hatch (? – ?)

Married: ? in (unknown)

Child: Elizabeth Rogers (c. 1767 – 1817)

Family #3

Spouse/Partner: Rebecca Sherman (? – ?)

Married: ? in (unknown)

Family #4

Spouse/Partner: Hannah Titus (? – ?)

Married: ? in (unknown)


Nathan Smith, Caleb Smith (his father), and Wing Rogers (his father-in-law by wife Elizabeth Rogers) were all neighbors listed in the 1790 census for Danby Vermont. The listing was actually done in 1791, after Vermont became a state.

Wing moved to Danby (Rutland County, Vermont) from Mansfield (Bristol County, Massachusetts) about 1770. He was a pioneer settler but was seemingly up to the task.

Although a birthright member of the Society of Friends and one of the founders of the church in Danby, he was also a man of large means, probably one of the wealthiest men of his times. He owned several farms, as well as nearly all of the land in a local area in or near Danby know as "South America."

Wing was apparently quite eccentric. The following is from "The History and Map of Danby Vermont" by J.C. Williams:

It was his custom to carry his family to church in an ox cart, and sometimes he would carry his wife and children upon a trundle bed.

As suited his situation in life, he was often called upon to fill local offices of trust, though he often refused. He was a member of the proprietors meeting in 1776 and appointed one of the committee to lay out the land in the fourth division. He was a prominent member of meetings held by the local residents concerned with the town's safety during the Revolutionary War.

He was selectman from 1776 to 1780, the first local "hog constable" in 1777, and a grand juror in 1786. He was a member of the legislature in 1790 (which lasted for 12 days from 14 to 28 Oct.) and was reelected in 1791, 1792, and 1793.

From "Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs":

His eldest daughter, Elizabeth, married Nathan Smith, who inherited from his father, Caleb Smith, a farm of two hundred forty acres with a log house. The young couple planned to build a one-story frame dwelling, Wing Rogers hearing of this, invited his daughter to make him a visit. He brought out of a closet two large wooden bowls filled with tarnished silver dollars and asked her to help him polish them. When the task was finished he handed Elizabeth seven hundred shining coins, saying, "Now build the house two stories." The house was built two stories in 1779, according to date engraved on the thumb-piece of the door-latch.

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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

He may have married Deliverance in Pembroke, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Colony, Mercy on Oct 1766 (in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Colony), Rebecca in 1775 (probably in Danby), and Hannah in 1778 (in VT, probably in Danby).

Deliverence was the sister of Sarah, who married Wing's brother John.

Beyond the two children (Deliverence and Elizabeth) already shown, his other children were Augustus, Asa, Rufus, Ruth, Wing (Jr.?), Mary, Lester, and Lydia. I'm not yet sure which wife was the mother of which child.