Joseph Rogers


Born: ? in ?

Died: ? in (unknown)

Father: John Rogers (? – 1661)

Mother: Frances Watson (? – 1687)


Joseph was a freeman by at least 1684.

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs
by Cuyler Reyonolds (editor); Schenectady Digital History Archive, a service of the Schenectady County Public Library. [applies to name]
John Rogers of Marshfield and some of his descendants
by Josiah H. Drummond; West Hanover, Mass.: R.B. Ellis, 1898. [applies to name, notes]

Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Joseph may have married Abigail Barker (b. abt 1657) in 1677. Abigail was the fifth child of Robert Barker (b. abt 1616, d. bet 1689,1691/2) and Luce or Lucy (unknown). They were married by either 1663, or 1642 if she was the mother of all his children. Robert emigrated to Plymouth in 1632, living in Marshfield by 1643, and Duxbury by 1653. He was a ferryman (co-partner in purchase of a ferry, 12 Jan 1641, sold share on 20 Jan 1645/46?), and inn-keeper (licensed 7 Jul 1646). [Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33]