Daniel Palmer


Born: 1778 in ?

Died: ? in (unknown)

Father: Gilbert Palmer (1731 – 1806)

Mother: Mary Sherman (? – 1815)

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Palmer Families in America
by Hon. Horace Wilbur Palmer, Ph.B., LL.B.; Neshanic, N.J.: Neshanic Print. Co., 1966. [applies to name, birth]
The History and Map of Danby, Vermont
by J.C. Williams; Rutland, Vt.: Printed by McLean & Robbins, 1869. [applies to name, birth]

Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Daniel is identified as a child of Gilbert Palmer's first wife, Sarah Duell, in "History and Map of Danby, Vermont" but Sarah's date of death is not given. In "Palmer Families in America", Sarah is identified as dying in 1776, which makes it impossible for her to be Daniel's mother, as both books identify Daniel's birth date as 1778. "Palmer Families..." seems to be the more reliable in this matter.

There is an interesting story on p.217 of "History and Map..." about a Daniel Palmer, but no indication if it was Gilbert's son. A short biography of a Leonard Palmer follows, but I have no idea who he was either, so this is further evidence that I can't assume this Daniel is Gilbert's son; it may be a cousin. (The story is about an angry dispute with Ephraim Briggs, in which Daniel killed Ephraim.)