William Palmer


Born: Abt 1610-1615 in ?

Died: Abt 1660-1661 in ?

Father: ?

Mother: ?

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Judith Feake (c. 1617-1620 – ?)

Married: Abt 1635-1636 in ?

Child: Susanna Palmer (c. 1640-1641 – )

Child: Ephraim Palmer (c. 1642-1643 – )

Child: Judith Palmer (c. 1646-1648 – )

Child: John Palmer (c. 1650-1651 – )

Child: James Palmer (c. 1652-1653 – )

Child: William Palmer Jr. (c. 1654-1655 – c. 1723-1724)

Child: Joseph Palmer (c. 1656-1657 – )


William and Judith may have been married shortly before coming to New Plymouth, possibly in London.

William is recorded in Colony of New Plymouth in 1638, and on 1 Sep 1640 he was admitted as a freeman, taking the oath in Yarmouth. Yarmouth itself was officially incorporated in 1639, as a Pilgrim settlement.

He was likely commissioned as an ensign in the English navy in 1638. By 10 May 1639 he was a Sergeant. On 3 Sep that same year he was granted by the Court at Plymouth the right to "exorcise the inhabitants of Yarmouth in the user of arms."

The Court ordered on 27 Sep 1642, that the company against the Indians would be lead by Miles Standish as Captain and William Palmer as Lieutenant. He was again appointed Lieutenant under Standish in 1645.

In 1652, William, along with a company of English colonists from various places in Massachusetts and Connecticut, arrived in Middleboro on Long Island, which was in New Netherlands, and under the jurisdiction of the Dutch. (Middleboro became Newtown in 1665, and is now within the Borough of Queens in New York City.)

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