Elizabeth Fownes


Born: 21 Jan 1609/10 in ?

Died: 1673 in ?

Father: ?

Mother: ?

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Henry Winthrop (? – 1630)

Married: 25 Apr 1629 in London, England

Child: Martha Joanna Winthrop (1630 – )

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: Robert Feake (? – 1662/63)

Married: ? in (unknown)

Child: Elizabeth Feake (c. 1633 – )

Child: Hannah Feake (c. 1636 – )

Child: John Feake (c. 1638-1639 – 1724)

Child: Robert Feake (c. 1642 – )

Child: Sarah Feake (c. 1647 – )

Family #3

Spouse/Partner: William Hallett (1616 – 1705-1706)

Married: 1648 in Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut Colony

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Palmer Families in America
by Hon. Horace Wilbur Palmer, Ph.B., LL.B.; Neshanic, N.J.: Neshanic Print. Co., 1966. [applies to name, birth, death, marriage]

Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Elizabeth is the subject of the historical novel "The Winthrop Woman" by Anya Seton, published in 1958. While this is reputed to be a well researched book (and rather well liked by those who have read it) it is ultimately a work of fiction and not suitable as a source in this genealogy.

Stories abound about the adultery of Elizabeth, and these, if true, may be at least partly responsible for Robert's breakdown. There is also controversy about whether or not Robert and Elizabeth were truly divorced, thus leaving Elizabeth free to marry William.