Edward J. Marshall


Born: Abt Oct 1908 in South Dakota, USA

Died: ? in (unknown)

Father: William Edward "Ed" Marshall (1869 – 1934)

Mother: Anna Mary Williams (c. 1875 – 1923)

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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1910 U.S. Federal Census (Population Schedule)
National Archives and Records Administration. [applies to name, birth]
Proving Up: Jones County History
Book and Thimble Club; Murdo, S.D., 1969 (Printed by Pischel Yearbooks, Inc.) [applies to name]

Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

In "Proving Up: Jones County History," Edward is identified as "J. Edward."

In the "Spear Birth and Death Dates Notebook" there is an Edward Marshall born on 25 Sep, but with no year given. My guess is that this is the same Edward, but that's not proven.