Lydia Hunt


Born: 22 Mar 1828 in Ohio, USA

Died: 16 Jul 1851 in ?

Father: Thomas Hunt (c. 1805 – ?)

Mother: Jane ? (c. 1806 – ?)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Alvah Hockett (1828 – ?)

Married: 20 Sep 1848 in Ohio, USA

Child: Thomas Lisbon Hockett (1849 – )

Child: Anna Jane Hockett (1851 – )

Child: Susan Alice Hockett (1852 – )

Child: Jabez Hockett (1856 – 1857)

Child: Adaline Hockett (1858 – 1858)

Child: Ruth M. Hockett (c. 1863 – )

Child: Clinton Hockett (c. 1864 – )

Child: Oliver W. Hockett (c. 1866 – )

Child: Cordelia Hockett (c. 1868 – )

Child: Luella Hockett (c. 1870 – )


Alvah and Lydia were married at Newberry MM.

On 20 Feb 1860, Alvah and Lydia, with their children Thomas, Anna, and Susan, were granted a certificate to West Union, MM (Indiana). [Alvah's parents Mahlan and Anna were also granted a certificate on this date.]

Lydia was buried in Westfork Friends Burial Grounds, Clinton County, OH.

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Lydia's death date is given as 16 Jul 1851 in EoAQG:v5:p396. Given the birth dates of several children, the granting of a certificate to West Union MM in 1860, and her probable presence (L. Hockett) in the 1860 U.S. Census, an 1851 date is absurd.

This could be a typo for 1861. However, given that Luella was born about 1870 (according to the 1880 U.S. Census) a death date of 1871 would be more appropriate. This would also mean that Alvah remarried within about three years -- more reasonable than thirteen years for a man with several young children.