Jonathan Hoggatt


Born: ? in ?

Died: ? in (unknown)

Father: ?

Mother: ?

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Mary Williams (? – ?)

Married: 10 Apr 1793 in ?

Child: Seth Hoggatt (1794 – 1861)

Child: Anna Hoggatt (1796 – )

Child: Jesse Hoggatt (1799 – 1862)

Child: Mahlon Hockett (1801 – )

Child: Jonathan Hoggatt Jr. (1803 – )

Child: Mary Hoggatt (1814 – )

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Volume 1
by William Wade Hinshaw; Ann Arbor, MI: Edwards Bros., 1936 [Reprinted Baltimore, 1969,1978,1991] [applies to name, marriage]
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Volume 5
by William Wade Hinshaw; Ann Arbor, MI: Edwards Bros., 1946 [Reprinted Baltimore, 1973, 1994] [applies to name]

Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Jonathan Hoggatt may have been born 4 Feb 1765 in New Garden, Guilford County, NC, married 10 Apr 1793 at New Garden MM. [EoAQG:v1]

He may have died 3 Aug 1834 in Clinton County, OH. [unreliable source]


Jonathon Hoggatt's parents may have been Anthony Hoggatt (b. 8 Dec 1730 in Cedar Creek, Hanover County, VA -- or possibly Goochland or Louisa Counties) and Mary Agnes Stanley (b. 27 Jun 1733 in Hanover County, VA), married 17 May 1754 at MM in Cedar Creek, Hanover County, VA. [EoAQG:v1, alternative counties from unreliable source, but claim from New Garden MM records]


Anthony's parents may have been Phillip Hoggatt (b. 16 Jan 1686/7 in Berkshire, Scotland, d. about 1783) and Mary Glendenning (b. 9 Dec 1698 in Edinbourough, Lothian, Scotland, married before 1723 in Chester County, PA. [unreliable source, but there is record of the deaths of Phillip Hoggatt and his wife Mary in EAQG:v1:p783 that supports the birth and death, and a Glendenning connection with Mary the daughter of David Glendennings]

Philip (and Mary?) first settled in Chadsford, Chester County, PA. Note from family history: The log house of Phillip now stands at High Point Museum, and is named The Weaving House. [unreliable source]

Could this be the "Hoggatt House" at the High Point Museum? See

Philip also appears to be the ancestor of several other Mahlon Hocketts, one of whom was born in 1808 and commonly appears in genealogy records. [unreliable source]

The book "Hocketts On The Move, The Hoggatt/Hockett Family In America" may also show lineage to Phillip and Mary, along with source records.