Anna Zehring


Born: ? in ?

Died: ? in (unknown)

Father: Adam Zehring (c. 1834 – ?)

Mother: Jane ? (c. 1840 – ?)

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Obituary (Ida B. Zehring Spear; "Mrs. Frank Spear")
<unknown paper>; Iowa, USA; 7 Mar 1902; page ? [applies to name]

Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Anna's mother may have been Dorcas Dennison. [unreliable source]

Anna is not mentioned in the 1880 U.S. Census, so was presumably married by that time. This would probably put her birth between 1853 and 1862, based on the year of Adam's birth and the date of the census, and assuming neither individual married or had children before they were 18.

There is an 1870 U.S. Census record for Anna L. Zehrung (11) in Union, Hardin County, IA, but her father appears to be identified as J.C. Zehrung, though J.C. is about Adam's age. (born about 1835) Further, J.C. has a son William, but about 1 y.o. instead of the expected 3. There are also 3 or 4 other children who should be around in 1880, too many to expect they all died young.

She married a man named Horton and lived in Glidden (Iowa?). [Obituary of Ida B. (Zehring) Spear]