Amy ?

(aka) Ann ?


Born: ? in ?

Died: ? in (unknown)

Father: ?

Mother: ?

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: J. Vanlaw (? – ?)

Married: ? in ?

Child: Elisha Vanlaw ( – )

Family #2

Spouse/Partner: Owen Maris (1799 – 1875)

Married: 20 Oct 1847 in ?


Ann/Amy's name is identified as Van Law by the "The Maris Family in the United States" and Vanlaw by "A Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution" and the "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Geneology, Volume 4." However, the latter indicates she had a child surnamed Vanlaw, implying Ann/Amy was married to a man surnamed Vanlaw prior to her marriage to Owen Maris.

On 16 Jan 1840, Anna and her son Elisha were "received on certificate" from the Chesterfield MM to the Deerfield MM. (The certificate was dated 21 Dec 1839.) On 16M Mar 1848, they were both granted a certificate back to Chesterfield MM. [EAQG.4]

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Volume 4
by William Wade Hinshaw; Ann Arbor, MI: Edwards Bros., 1946 [Reprinted Baltimore, 1973, 1994] [applies to alias, marriage, notes]
The Maris Family in the United States
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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

The reports for the Chesterfield MM (EAQG v4, p. 1106, surname Maris) are confusing. One line reads "Amy S., wd J. Vanlaw, 2nd w Owen Maris, d ae 29 bur Chesterfield." This would mean that Amy died before she married Owen, and is likely a transcription error. A subsequent line for Maris corresponds to Owen being granted a certificate to Pennsville MM, Ohio, to marry Anna W. Vanlaw on 18 Sep 1847. I still need to work out Owens second and third wives. TBD