Anna Mary Williams


Born: Abt 1875 in Iowa, USA

Died: 18 Jun 1923 in Jones County, South Dakota, USA

Father: ?

Mother: ?

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: William Edward "Ed" Marshall (1869 – 1934)

Married: Abt 1893 in ?

Child: Veta Mary Marshall (c. 1894 – 1927)

Child: Ethel Caroline Marshall (1895 – 1995)

Child: Anna E. Marshall (c. 1900 – )

Child: Dorotha Margaret Marshall (1905 – )

Child: Osbion A. Marshall (c. 1908 – )

Child: Edward J. Marshall (c. 1908 – )

Child: Frank Marshall ( – )

Child: Donald Marshall ( – )


Anna homesteaded in Lyman County with her husband and family, arriving in Presho on 7 Feb 1906. There was little space in town and they slept on makeshift accommodations in the hotel. The next day was blustery, with snow beginning to fall. It made for a cold ride for the family to the road house managed by John England, about eleven miles northwest of Presho. The next day, Anna's husband hired Mr. England to take them to the home of Aaron Lancaster, her husband's uncle.

The family stayed with Aaron until their freight could be hauled from Pierre (Hughes County, South Dakota) and the new home could be built by the Marshalls on their quarter section homestead.

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

From the 1910 census, Anna's father was from New York, her mother immigrated from England.

Anna may have died 18 Jun 1923. (Obituary for W. Ed. Marshall, from an unknown newspaper.)