Mary Woodward


Born: 1690 in ?

Died: 24 Nov 1790 in Concord, Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Richard Woodward (c. 1636 – 1706)

Mother: Jane ? (? – ?)

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: John Newlin (1690/91 – 1753)

Married: 1711 in (unknown)

Child: Abigail Newlin ( – )

Child: Jane Newlin ( – )

Child: Rebecca Newlin ( – )

Child: John Newlin ( – )

Child: Sarah Newlin ( – )

Child: Nathaniel Newlin ( – )

Child: Mary Newlin ( – )


Mary and her sister Jane married brothers.

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Mary may have been born in Thornbury Township, Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania.

John and Mary may have been married 26 Mar 1711 in Chester County, PA, USA.

Her obituary states that Mary died in the "one hundred and second year of her age." Either this is wrong by a year, or the recorded birth year is incorrect. It goes on to state that she retained her memory and sight to the end, and spun and knit to within nine weeks of her death. She was buried in the friends burying ground in Concord.