Mary Daily


Born: 7 Nov 1792 in ?

Died: 4 Dec 1840 in Ohio, USA

Father: ?

Mother: ?

Family #1

Spouse/Partner: Aaron Vorhies (1791 – 1861)

Married: 20 Oct 1814 in ?

Child: Isabell Vorhies (1815 – 1884)

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Primary and Secondary Sources

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Ancestor Chart of George E. Spear
by Michael Englemann; [applies to name, birth, death, marriage]

Research Notes (source comments, unreliable information)

Mary's middle name was likely Polly, and her last name may also be found as Dailey. She may have been born in Ohio County, WV, and died in Noble County, OH.

She is probably the daughter of Peter Dailey, Jr. (b. abt 1750 or 1762? in PA; d. 17 Feb 1804 in Ohio County, WV) and Mary Wiley (b. abt 1766 in PA; d. abt 1837 in Washington County, OH or 4 Dec 1840 in Guernsey County, OH), who were married abt 1786 in PA. (Check if Peter was a member of Captain James Archer's Militia Company of the first battalion of Washington County during the Revolution.)

Peter's Dailey's father may have been born about 1724 and died about 1755.

Mary Wiley's parents may have been Richard Wiley and Rachel Van Meter (b. 1748). Rachel's parents may have been Henry Van Meter (b. 1720 in Hardy County, VA/WV; d. 10 Feb 1803 in Greene County, PA) and Martha Moore (b. 1728 in Prince George County, MD; d. 1825 in Green County, PA).

Henry's Van Meter's parents may have been Abraham Van Meter (b. abt 1790 in Somerset, NJ) and Eliza (unknown last name). Abraham's parents may have been Joost Jansen Van Meter (b. abt 1655 in Holland; d. 13 Jan 1705/6 in Salem County, NJ) and Sarah Du Bois (b. 14 Sep 1662 in Somerset, NJ; d. 1726 in Salem County, NJ).

Martha Moore's parents may have been George Moore (b. abt 1690, Prince George County, MD) and Elizabeth Lucas (b. abt 1695). Elizabeth's parents may have been Thomas Lucas (b. 1650 in Suffolk, England; d. 26 Feb 1720/21 in Prince George County, MD) and Dorothy Letchworth (b. abt 1650 in Prince George County, MD; d. abt 1719 in Prince George County, MD).

Jost Jansen Van Meter's parents may have been Jan Joosten Van Meter (b. abt 1630, Holand; d. 18 Apr 1704 in Salem County, NJ) and Macyken Hendrickson (b. abt 1614 in Holland; d. 13 Jun 1706 in NJ). Jan Joosten's parents may have been Melchoir Van Meter (b. abt 1604) and Arience Anneken.