John Hightower

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Born: 19 Sep 1918 in , Patrick, Virginia

Died: in (Unknown)

Father: Thomas Hightower (1774 – ?)

Mother: Polly ____ (? – ?)


Spouse/Partner: Mary Jane ____ (? – ?)

Married: 1843 in California, Moniteau Co., Missouri

Child: Alexander Hightower (? – ?)

Child: Taylor Hightower (? – ?)

General Notes and Anecdotes

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Candance G. Cox

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John and Mary Jane were living in Bergen, NJ. in 1869 where John was

writing for a lawyer in New York City. In an 1869 letter to her sister-in-law,

Frances Hightower . Mary Jane mentions "Ma" being in Richmond and having

gone to Richmond to visit relatives. It is unclear, however whether these were

Mary Jane's relatives or John's. In this same letter, Mary Jane menttions their

son Taylor, but she does not mention their other son, Alexander. H may have

died prior to 1869.