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book-mendenhalls-a-genealogy-1969: The Mendenhalls; database with images, Ancestry ( accessed on multiple dates); citing "Henry Hart Beeson, The Mendenhalls: A Genealogy; Houston, unknown, 1991" [This is a privately published genealogy, and appears to be typed rather than typeset. Reference is made to some original records, but there are no images or transcripts included.]

Reference Detail: Page 2 (image 4), accessed 29 Aug 2009

Comment Detail: Source includes name (Joan _____). Source notes her surname may have been Stroads or Strode, based on Thomas's will.

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Spouse/Partner: Thomas Mendenhall (? – ?)

Married: ?

Child: Thomas Mendenhall (? – ?)

Child: Margery Mendenhall (? – ?)

Child: Joan Mendenhall (? – ?)

Child: Mary Mendenhall (? – ?)

Child: John Mendenhall (1659 – 1758)

Child: Benjamin Mendenhall (1662 – 1740)

Child: Stephen Mendenhall (1664 – ?)

Child: Moses Mendenhall (1666 – 1738)

Child: Aaron Mendenhall (1669 – ?)

Research Notes (Conflicts/Spelling/Followup)


There is a widespread belief that Joan was the daughter of William Strode, with lineage through Sir John de Stode, Kignth. However, there is a large body of evidence that indicates this is not the case, and instead, Joan (Joane) was the daughter of Anthony Stroud (Jr.) and Margery Barley.

Probable history is that Joane (Stroud) Mendenhall was the daughter of Anthony Stroud and Margery Barley. Anthony was the sone of Anthony Stroud and Jone. Margery Barley was the daughter of Benjamin Barley (an actual barley farmer, in a family line) and an unknown mother. Benjamin Barley was the son of Steven Barley and Elizabeth.

In the original records referenced (I've only seen poor copies and transcripts), the name Stroud was often spelled Strowde.

The will of Benjamin Barley (written 6 Nov 1662 in England) names his two granddaughters Joane Mineall and Elizabeth Chamberlin. Elizabeth Chamberlin, Joane's sister, was parent of Robert Chamberlain and as such was a Woodward ancestor. Benjamin Barley's will is a case in point about spelling, naming his daughter Margery Strowde, his grandson John Stroude, his grandson Anthony Strowde, his grandson Beniamin (sic) Stroude, and grandson Thomas Strowde. In his will he also calls out his daughter Margerie the wife of Anthony Strowde.

The will of Anthony Stroud Jr. was written in Baydon, County of Wilts (Whiltshire), England, 28 December 1667. He names sons Anthony Stroud, Benjamin Stroud, and Thomas Stroud. He names daughters, Joane Minall, Elizabeth Hickman [Elizabeth Chamberlain married second Francis Hickman], and Agnes Sammeg. He also mentions grandchildren Simon, Anthony and Hester Arundell. He mentions Mary, the daughter of son Thomas Stroud. He mentions his wife Margery and she was made executrix. He also mentions land he had lately bought of Benjamin Barley (probably his wife's nephew Benjamin.)

Widow, Margery Stroud, wrote her will at Baydon 28 May 1678 and named sons Anthony, Benjamin and John Stroude. She named son Thomas and his wife Mary and son Anthony. Thomas was named her executor. She named daughters Joane Mildenhall, Elizabeth Hickman, and Anne Talmadge. She named granddaughter Mary Mildenhall (the future wife of Nathaniel Newlin).


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