Welcome to Pam's Genealogy Pages. These pages represent the family genealogies compiled by Pam and Bradley. The site is actually the combined results of two independent trees, created by two different people. Pam started working on her family's genealogy around 1990, in the pre-Web days. Her records are in database A. Bradley wasn't bitten by the genealogy bug until the summer of 2006, and his records are in database B. The particular database is noted on each individual's page.

The trees on this site are mostly for our own interest, and that of our families. However, if you can find information here that helps you in your own genealogical pursuits, we could not hope for more and wish you luck in your own searches.


We are not professional genealogists and like many amateur genealogy pages on the web, this site is likely to contain errors. Over time, we hope to correct these errors. We also hope to fill in more about the lives of those who are listed.

Because this site is an amateur family tree, we strongly recommend treating it as such, and not using it directly as a source. However, if you do reference this site, perhaps in a research hint, please use the root URI (http://genealogy.silverelk.net) as the address. The actual paths of any pages within that domain are subject to change.


It is the policy of these genealogy pages that we will suppress all information on any living (known or assumed) individual. Certain other details stored in our data are also not included, even for deceased individuals. The only exceptions to this are the random mentions of Bradley and Pam, and the living parents, siblings, and children of deceased individuals who are simply marked as <private>.

Hopefully, we won't let anything fall through the cracks, but mistakes do happen. So if anyone notices any other living persons represented in these trees, please let us know.

Changes? Corrections?

If you have an changes or corrections to this information, please send a message using the “Contact Us” link in the navigation bar on the left side of each page.

Site Changes

Brad built the first version of this genealogy site for Pam in 1999, and completed a major redesign in 2006. A mostly internal restructuring update was made 27 Mar 2021, which changed paths to individual information, and included some visible text changes in the Tidbits section.

The information from database A was last updated 20 Aug 2006. The information from database B was last updated 11 Jul 2009. There are a total of 1984 individuals listed on this site.